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I am a Mechatronics Graduate who enjoys all things opensource. I enjoy the development of producing small embedded systems. I am a keen hobbyist and have spent time working on bringing AOSP to a series of Xperia devices.

What I Do

Most of my time is gnerally taken up in working on small scale projects using Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Udoo. Most of these projects are for teaching myself about certain aspects of technology whilst also trying to develop a more futuristic home setting.

Projects include a weather monitoring system with real time data logging, Home NAS and Personal File Server.

On top of this I like to take part in developing AOSP for the Xperia line of devices and made steps to bringing CM10 to the Xperia X10 (first functional build) and then producing early Alpha builds for the S, Z and Z2 devices using Google's AOSP as a base.

I am now a full time member of the Paranoid Android (AOSPA) working on both the Nexus(AOSP) side of the team. I mainly work on maintaining the Sony device repositories especialy focusing on the Rhine and Shinano families. Builds can be found on the AOSPAL website along with discussions and bug reports on XDA.

My Work

Android Builds Server: Currently Offline.